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Company Profile

Over view :

     Mori Association Co.,Ltd was registered limited company in Thailand since 1997 with capital 4,000,000 baht and was supplier of drawing and handling project.

     Mori Association Co.,Ltd. with full design (Including CAD), engineering, installation and service facilities, mechanical material industrial field.

     Mori Association is a regional company with operations all over Thailand.

Staff :

     Mori Association Co.,Ltd. Was employ approximately about 9 persons, Most of engineering, staff including design (CAD) engineering are get graduate in Mechanical. Our Senior engineers all have between 10 years for experience control at site.

     Mori Association Co.,Ltd. Staff of engineering department designs machines, standard equipment parts, system control units according to international standards by using the staff experience in strength calculations, CAD, mechanical engineering, pneumatics and hydraulics. We can be sure that every product part has the best efficiency and the most use full for factory production. Except that, Mori's engineering department can design and development the original machine to be used with better capacity than originally.


Head Office and Production Unit :

Mori Association Co.,Ltd.

88 A.P.Nakarintr Tower ,19th Floor, Room19/2, Soi Lasalle58, Bangna, Bangkok 10260

Tel : (662) 745-8890-4

Fax : (662) 745-8895

Email :

Financial :


Thanon Srinakarintr-Lasalle Subbranch.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control :

                Mori's product is standard and most useful for factories. There is inspection & QA/QC in each production, process , beginning from material preparation, continueing to manufacturing process and ending to machine efficiency testing supervised by QC specialist.


Research and Development :

                Mori is constantly investing in research and development to increase the efficiency of new products which are relate to development of advanced technology. Mori's products have the development and revision for the maximum efficiency and can be used continuously in industrial production.


Service and Maintenance :

                We are able to undertake the service,maintenance and refit of most conveyor and material handing equipment. Stock of spare parts for most systems and equipment are available in our store.


Transportation Department :

We are able to deliver the goods and DWG. to the customer immediately on request. We can also give the install service and maintenance needed.